This news will be plastered all over the main stream manipulative news (MSMN) for the mere fact that U.S. Representative Fred Upton has an “R” next to his name and he is criticizing President Trump.

That being said let us look at and analyze what Upton and another Republican from Nevada has said about the now infamous Ukraine call.

Yesterday at the Detroit Economic Club in response to a reporter’s question Upton said:

I’m not for the formal impeachment inquiry that came up last week. But it is the right of any committee…Three committees are going to be asking questions. ... There are legitimate questions that have to be asked, and people are going to be required to answer them… We need to know what the answers are

Another Republican from Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei said to reporters last week:

I'm a big fan of oversight, so let's let the committees get to work and see where it goes

OK Representatives Upton and Amodei, the question I have for you is what type of “legitimate questions” could there be if you and the rest of the world have or could read the entire phone conversation?

It really is as simple as that, the conversation and the complainant’s tightly drafted legal document about someone else’s concern because that CIA agent was not privy to any of it, is all out there for us to see.

At this point it is all on how you wish to interpret the actual words.  To some it appears he is asking for the Ukrainian President to investigate what occurred in the 2016 election and to others he is asking for “dirt” to be dug up on one of his possible 20 something challengers in the 2020 election.

Let us take the second interpretation, are those people saying that you can commit a crime but if you run for President you cannot be investigated?  Also we know that three Democrat Senators pressured the previous President of Ukraine to dig up dirt on President Trump and cooperate with the Mueller investigation, should they be investigated in order to remove them from office?

This is all kabuki theater being played out at the expense of the American people.

By the way Upton did not endorse President Trump in the 2016 election and when asked will he endorse his reelection he stated:

Not yet


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