Justin Amash Getty- mages By Mark Wilson

Congressmen Justin Amash (R-MI 3rd District) will be in my studio today for an interview starting at 10:06 a,m.

I will be asking Congressmen Amash for his views on

  • His support concerning bringing the Missile base defense initiative to Battle Creek and If so, is he willing to take the lead and what would that involve.
  • Funding of the Department of Homeland Security and his criticism of the leader of floor vote to fund DHS
  • King v Burwell, the Supreme Court case currently being heard re whether federal tax-credit subsidies are available for health insurance coverage that is purchased through an exchange not “established by the State.”
  • House Freedom Caucus
  • No Child Left Behind

If you have any questions for the Congressmen please email me at Renk@townsquaremedia.com with your questions and I will do my best to ask them.

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