Most were in favor of the renovations proposed for Cooley Law School Stadium in downtown Lansing, but now that all the details are known, some are questioning the price and whether other projects will suffer down the road. is reporting today that the original $10.5 million price tag won't be enough now to complete the project.  And that is concerning some on the Lansing City Council.

"We're borrowing the money and that would mean down the line what would we not borrow money for," said council member Carol Wood.

Wood says the priority of resident is to have the city council spend money on road improvements and the overtures could cut into their ability to address those issues.

But the project's manager says the additional $3 million to $5 million is better spent now than later.

"It's better to spend the money now than to do it super cheap," said Bob Trezise. "Three to five years from now things could already be falling apart.  That actually costs the city more in the long run."

The project for the home of the Lugnuts would be used to make improvements to the scoreboards, redesign group venues, upgrade concessions and restrooms and build a concourse that will wrap around the entire stadium.

The baseball stadium was built back in 1996.

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