Complaints that some driver responsibility fees are too onerous, have prompted some major changes in the paybacks in Michigan.  But is the cost of removing the responsibility from drivers going to have a backlash for others. is reporting today that  legislation headed to the governor's desk would allow some drivers--specifically those without a valid license or proof of insurance--to do community service instead of paying the fine.

Under the old law, offenders would be fined up to $200 for two years in addition to the ticket costs.

This new law would still have fees apply for some, but the cost would be lessened.  A law signed by Governor Snyder in June would phase out all driver responsibility fees by the year 2019.  The article indicates that the new legislation would only apply to motorists who still owe fees already eliminated back in 2012.

The driver responsibility fee has been criticized since its implementation in 2003 as nothing more than a money grab to allow the state to balance its budget.  The change will likely cost the state significant revenue at a time when lawmakers are struggling to find ways to raise money for even the most important of projects--including roads.

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