An estimated 140 million holiday shoppers are beginning their Christmas shopping today--some even started on Thanksgiving--but with the reminders of the great sales out there, come reminders that you must always pay sales tax on the purchase--even if it's not added to your bill automatically.

It's estimated Michigan loses millions every year when those who buy online or in other ways fail to remit the 6% tax on that purchase to the state.  And Treasury Department Communications Director Terry Stanton says that hurts not only businesses in Michigan but the state as a whole.

And the loss to the state in much needed revenue, at a time when money is need for a road fix, is pretty significant.

Stanton says he believes failure to pay often times stems from misconceptions about what the tax is all about.

Efforts are underway to require that all business automatically charge the sales tax.  But Stanton says while moving in the right direction, we're not there yet.

And Stanton says it isn't difficult to pay the tax whether you have your receipts or not.

Those needing more information about the tax and how to remit it, can go on the Michigan Treasury Department website at

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