Golf is a challenging sport. I started playing golf when I was thirteen. 35 years later, I finally started taking it seriously. I am not a great player; I just like to go out on the course to swing my clubs and hopefully hit ‘em straight.

For me, I’m still working on my game. It can be intimidating sometimes. I'm not the guy who is going to play 18 at Eagle Eye, Hawk Hollow or The Country Club of Lansing. Someday I will, but right now is not the time.

I like saving money. I also like having a great time at the course. There are some courses that I have felt pressured by the group behind me. I get it, pace of game. My pace is good. Unfortunately I can’t hit the ball off the tee 300 yards.

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I like a relaxed feel at that golf course, easy going and no pressure. Here are some of the golf courses that fit that description.

If you are going to golf these, or any other course, call in advance to set up a tee time. Also make sure that there are no golf outings. Also, prices listed can change at any time, so please contact the course for more info and to schedule your tee time.

Lansing Area Courses Where Hack Golfers Will Fit Right In

These Lansing area golf courses are great for beginners or golfers who aren't as confident in their skills. They all have an easy going, no pressure feel to them.

There are plenty of great golf courses in the Lansing area. What’s your favorite? Let us know in the app.

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