According to a report in the Michigan Capitol Confidential newspaper, legislation was recently introduced that would prohibit communities from using automated traffic enforcement devices as the basis for issuing traffic tickets.

A bill sponsored by State Representative Mike Shirkey, R Clacklake, House Bill 5921 was introduced Nov. 6 in response to Senate Bill 1063, which – if enacted – would permit traffic tickets to be issued on the basis of photographs taken by unmanned cameras.

The language currently in House Bill 5921 states the following:

A law enforcement agency shall not use an unmanned traffic monitoring device to detect or enforce any of the following:

(A) - Moving violations involving traffic signs, signals, or markings.

(B) - Speed limitations.

(C) - Proof of financial responsibility requirements.

Also, something I like in this bill is it would prohibit the Michigan Secretary of State from assessing points against Michigan drivers for violations that occur in other states that were based on unmanned camera systems.

What do you think of red light cameras?

Are you for or against them?

Big government or safety issue?

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