We are now months into the pandemic and there are many who are still delaying care by not going to the emergency room.

According to the Detroit Free Press, physicians are urging people not to avoid emergency treatment.

We can all understand why many are afraid to go to the emergency room, but it's important to go if you need immediate care.

Emergency rooms took many precautions to ensure the space was clean, treatments were administered in safe environments, and doctors and patients are properly protected.

Many people are forgoing local emergency rooms, choosing to delay treatment on not only life threatening conditions, but also those that may lead to more significant and serious complications later on. (Detroit Free Press)

Here are several reasons to not delay treatment:

1. Chronic conditions. Conditions which require constant monitoring and management. Heart disease, diabetes or even cancer, can become compromised from a harmless sickness or ailment.

2. Head injuries. Anytime there is an injury to the head, it's very important to get it checked out immediately. Head injuries can cause loss of consciousness, blurred vision, confusion and more.

3. Life-threatening emergencies. If you or anyone around you begin showing symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or other serious life-threatening conditions, do not hesitate to dial 9-1-1.

4. Safe environment. Don't avoid an emergency room because you think it means you'll become infected. One of the first actions taken by hospitals amid the pandemic was to ensure that emergency care could be administered safely in clean environments. (Detroit Free Press)

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