While buildings in Ferguson, Missouri continue to burn, other cities as well are feeling the effects of the grand jury decision in the community last night "not" to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of a black teenager.

But for at least two groups in Michigan, the demonstrations have remained peaceful.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting today that about 100 people on the campus of Michigan State University gathered at the "rock" this morning to show support for the family of Michael Brown.  Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darrin Wilson when Wilson claimed he went for his gun.

Members of the grand jury met for 25 days asking questions of witnesses and reviewing evidence in the case before rendering their decision that there was nothing to dispute claims by Wilson that he believed his life was in danger when he shot Brown several times.  It was the final shot--a head wound--that ultimately killed the teen during the altercation back on August 9th of this year.

The article indicates that those who rallied at the MSU rock this morning from midnight to 1 o'clock painted the message "We stand with Ferguson."  The group also painted drawings of an American Flag and clenched fist.

"It was peaceful.  I think the students just wanted to show their support of the family and this was their way of showing that support,"  MSU police Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor told the newspaper.

Nearby Lansing police were on alert as well for potential problems like those seen in other communities from Philadelphia to Chicago to Washington, D.C. No violence, though, has been reported.

A vigil took place in Detroit Monday night outside the federal courthouse.  There, about two dozen people held hands and prayed.  Some also chanted "No justice, no peace."

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