There are plenty of polls that have Biden beating President Trump by quite a few percentage points, some even double digits.  Now a respected pollster has found a very tight race between President Trump and Biden as of the end of July.

Rasmussen Reports’ weekly White House Watch survey of 2,500 likely U.S. voters released Wednesday found:

  • Biden with 47% of the vote
  • President Trump with 45% of the vote
  • another 5% prefer some other candidate
  • 4% remain undecided.

That certainly is quite different than all the other polls/surveys out there today.  Which polls are correct, my bet is none of them this far out from the election.

In a previous White House Survey by Rasmussen Reports Biden was up 10% over President Trump.  Biden had 50% of the vote compared to President Trump’s 40%.

Rasmussen pollsters believe as of the end of July the candidates are now running “neck and neck” and:

“The new survey finds Trump with 81% of the Republican vote. Biden has the support of 74% of Democrats. Biden continues to lead among voters not affiliated with either major party: This week, it’s Biden 47%, Trump 36%. But 17% of these voters like another candidate or are undecided”

They surveyed 2,500 likely voters during the dates of July 15-16 and 19-21.

One problem with this poll/survey as in most of the other polls, I could not find the breakdown of those included in the poll via their party identification.  I have reached out to Rasmussen Surveys to ask for that data, if they respond I will update this report.

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