Those looking to legalize marijuana in Michigan are prompting the first real test today.

Petition signitures being delivered today in Detroit area community to get issue on August ballot is reporting that they're set to turn in petition signitures to put the issue on the ballot in Oak Park.  If the petitions are approved, according to the report, it would be the first of its kind certified for the August primary ballot.

Those with the Safer Michigan Coalition are also working to decriminalize the drug in at least nine other Michigan communities in November.

They say they're hoping to send a message to state lawmakers to take action before they do.  Legislation introduced last year would make marijuana punishable by only a fine.  Currently offenders can be arrested as well.

Estimates indicate it would cost the group a million dollars to get the issue on a statewide ballot.  Those in favor of the idea of decriminalization say they're only other option is to work community by community.

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