Radical leftists swept to historic wins in Greek elections today- and that will be the death of the European Union. It seems the Greeks don’t intend to pay the tens of billions of dollars they have stacked up in debt. It seems the Greeks think they can continue to work 32 hours a week, have guaranteed vacations, sick leave, family leave and a host of other freebies and they don’t care what anybody thinks.

Alexis Tsipras leader of the communist Syriza party immediately promised to end the "five years of humiliation and pain" that Greece has endured since an international bailout saved it from bankruptcy in 2010.

The win now sets the stage for a showdown with the country's international creditors that will without a doubt shake the Eurozone and destroy the European Union. There is simply no other alternative to this debt crisis- and soon to be collapse.

Tsipras won on promises to demand debt forgiveness and renegotiate the terms of Greece's 240 billion-euro ($270 billion) bailout, which has kept the debt-ridden country afloat since mid-2010. You see the Greeks apparently don’t think they need to honor their debts or pay the bills at all.

I say today without a shadow of doubt that Greece will soon be bankrupt with no help on the way from any of it’s neighbors and could become the first fully communist nation in Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union. That will make austerity look damn nice by comparison!