Proving once again that Hollywood is a bastion of hypocritical liberal racists not one person of color was nominated for an acting Oscar this year. This one is hard to argue.

It’s only the second time in nearly two decades that all 20 Academy Awards acting nominations went to entirely to white actors and actresses. One of the more notable snubs was directed to David Oyelowo who received praise for his role  as the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma but got nothing from the academy for his effort.

The all-white nominees list comes at time when Hollywood is fielding criticism for not doing enough to promote diversity in filmmaking. And just last month, Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin were apologizing for leaked emails that were racially charged.

Keep all of this in mind when the next Hollywood know-it-all-do-gooder is pontificating and wagging their finger and screaming about racial injustice in America!