The groups begin to coalesce around their target. The person can feel the crowd moving in. The circle is tightening. Voices are beginning to get louder. “Who do you think you are?” They yell? “How can you let this happen?”

The crowds grow larger and their anger focuses on the person they believe guilty of the transgression. What is the crime? Not thinking the same way they do. Not agreeing with the crowd. Independent thinking is no longer tolerated on many college campuses. Instead of free thinking, students are instead seeking ‘safe zones’, a place where they will never be offended by anyone or anything. They are places where throughts will never be challenged and if you do- the mob will gather and you will become the target of the new Campus Bullies.

At the University of Missouri, students have used all the classic tactics of a bully to get their way. They have threatened and intimidated the staff, faculty and student body into caving into their demands. They bullied the University President Tim Wolfe to Resign. Other administrators and professors have also faced the wrath of the race bullies.

The bullies are rising up across this nation demanding that those of “white privilege” meet their demands or quit. Meet the demands of the bullies or they will shut down classes, sporting events and higher education altogether.

The race bullies and profiteers of race don’t care about real threats to black lives including executions of young black boys like Tayshawn Lee in Chicago. No, they care about their list of alleged grievances like ‘institutional racism’, lack of safes spaces, police brutality, lack of diversity on campus, white privilege and so forth.

Bear in mind; there is not one bit of evidence that the University of Missouri, Yale or The University of Michigan are hotbeds of racist activity- but don’t let that get in the way of a good old fashioned mob scene with the professors they don’t like.

And by definition, what is a bully? Well here you go.




present participle: bullying

1 use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants."a college president was bullied into quitting his job."

2 synonyms:

3 persecute, oppress, tyrannize, browbeat, harass, torment, strong-arm, dominate; More

3. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person(s) who habitually badgers and intimidates other people.

It is time for schools to draw the line and say enough is enough. It is time for good people to stand up and say ‘no we are not racists’ and we will not cave in to your name calling and insults and threats. We will not allow football players to boycott games and if they do- they will lose their place on the team and the scholarships that go with that highly coveted opportunity for a free education and so much more.

It’s time to say no to the bullies of race. No more.

Stand Up America!