Marshall area Republican State Representative Matt Hall says there’s a lot more information about a now canceled state contract that needs to come to light.
It’s a confusing trail so far uncovered involving the Whitmer Administration awarding a no-bid state contract to a company later identified as being run by Democratic Party operatives. It was going to manage COVID-19 virus contact tracing for the state. But once the political connection was revealed, the state canceled the contract.  Republican Hall says it’s a lot worse than that. Health and Human Services Department Director Robert Gordon is telling Hall’s select legislative committee during a Thursday hearing that the personal information of Michigan residents gathered while the contract was in effect, is now the property of that politically connected company, not the state.  And it’s being revealed that a Democratic Party connected foundation was online to help pay for the contract. And the state contract worker hired by the Michigan Public Health Institute to run the show is a former Obama Administration employee.

Hall says there are lots of new questions. But few answers are forthcoming from the Whitmer administration. In the meantime, personally sensitive information about an unknown number of Michigan residents is now in the hands of a Democratically connected political strategy organization. No one knows how it has or will be used.

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