They told you that Donald Trump could not be taken seriously. He was not an actual candidate for President and furthermore anyone who even considers him a better alternative to Hillary Clinton is cleary an uneducated, racist swamp dweller. As Trump continued to build a coalition and then began knocking down primary wins by ever bigger margins we were told he still wouldn’t win and if he did Hillary Clinton would embarrass him in a general election.

Then came the reckoning on November 8, 2106. The disbelief and shock replaced the smugness on the national networks and their babbling legions of allegedly unbiased reporters. Some actually appeared to be holding back tears as it became apparent that Trump was rolling his train through the upper Midwest. It was a path I had predicted he could take to the White House and I cannot figure out why so many others just missed it.

One legendary paper actually apologized. The New York Times openly admitted to it’s readers that it’s coverage of the election was one-sided and biased and promised to do better. Unfortunately, that promise was very short lived. Most other publications and TV shows didn’t even bother to consider how blatantly off the mark they were both in facts and in integrity. No they decided to attack even louder with even more outrageous allegations.

Now it seems every single person that is picked or considered as a member of Trumps cabinet is racist. No matter what the facts support. Senator Jeff Sessions nominated for Attorney General was accused of racism in the mid-1980’s. It was nothing more than hearsay then and the same now. Steve Bannon brought on as a Senior Advisor has been called worse. His accuser? Well the most trustworthy of all sources; his ex-wife.

It seems the left commentators and apologists are refusing to accept the truth of the election. People are tired of being ignored, tired of being insulted, tired of being talked down too, tired of being told what to do, tired of holidays being attacked, tired of traditions being torn down, tired of feeling like they are being pushed around.

I am just trying to help folks understand. Otherwise we can look to another crushing Democrat loss in 2018.