Michigan's State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Flanagan has made many threats to close poorly performing charter schools, but apparently he does not hold conventional public schools to the same accountability.

That is the problem I have with Flanagan and all who want to limit choice for inner-city parents and children.

That is the huge gaping hole in their argument.  Now, you must ask yourself, "Why would they not hold non-traditional public schools (charter) to the same standards (poor) as the traditional public schools?"  I would ask Flannagan that question, but he refuses to come on my show to answer any questions.

Now, ask yourself, "Why does he refuse to come on air to be held accountable for his words and actions to the people who have paid him well over $1 million in the last six years?" I guess he feels that he is just like the traditional public schools he protects.

The Michigan Association of Public School Academies and Great Lakes Education Project cannot find any traditional public school that has ever been shut down for poor academic performance. What do top state education officials have to say about that? They say that they have closed conventional schools for academic reasons, but at this time they cannot site one example.


All I am asking for — and all anyone who cares about the children should be asking for — is fairness.  Do not hold one group (traditional public schools) to different standards than another group (non-traditional public schools/charters).

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