WZZM reports that there’s currently a bill with ten sponsors in the Michigan State House that proposes to ban the use of tear gas and other types of chemical irritants while trying to do crowd control.

The push comes from the scenes we’ve seen play out across the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the protests to bring an end to systematic racism as well as justice for George’s murder.

WZZM pointed out an interesting tidbit from ABC News, which is police in America use tear gas on citizens while it's banned by the Geneva Convention and other wartime treaties.

The bill’s original sponsor, Rep, Kara Hope, told WZZM she knows there will be push back on the proposed ban, but is sticking to her guns, pun intended, and suggesting that law enforcement find other tactics that aren't banned by numerous ‘Rules of War’.

The bill, House Bill 5925 is still in the early stages, WZZM says it's now going to the House Judiciary Committee for more debate.

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