Clashes in Baltimore over death of Freddie Gray
Credit: Anadolu Agency / Contributor

Abortion, the projects, the war on poverty, the welfare state, big government here to help you every step of the way is on full display in the city of Baltimore. Zero accountability on the part of the police department, followed by zero accountability on the part of the Mayor of Baltimore, zero accountability for protesters in the streets and those looting local businesses have the nation and the world looking on in disgust.  The Governor of Maryland put the National Guard on notice but has not issued a state of emergency. No accountability there either.

Freddie Gray died on April 19th and his death left many unanswered questions. It seems clear that at the time of his arrest in West Baltimore on the morning of April 12th, Gray was unable to walk. His arrest was caught on camera and has since been played for all to see. When he arrived at the police station a half hour later, he was unable to breathe or talk. It was later reported that his spine was 80% severed and a few days after his arrest he died.

At least 8 police officers have been injured so far by rioting and roving mobs of lawless renegades, screaming for justice.  At the same time those same mobs are also looting liquor stores and pharmacies. Nothing says social justice like stealing a TV and a bottle of booze it appears.

Baltimore Mayor, Democrat Stephanie Rawlings-Blake seemed to give license to the lawlessness when she said we are giving the rioters “space to destroy.” Really? Maybe she could give them matches and gasoline too. Again, there is zero accountability for those burning down an American city. And it is happening in front of everyone that lives in that city and frankly everywhere else.

This situation has been simmering for days but it appears the Mayor and new Governor Larry Hogan looked the other way when the implosion was very predictable. They are still looking the other way.

Hogan is a Republican that was elected in a major upset last November. I cannot help but wonder if he is paralyzed by fear imposed by the screaming PC progressives. I mean can you imagine being a Republican ordering the National Guard restore order in a decidedly left wing city and state? Well Governor I have news, that’s your job. Step up and be accountable.

Progressive leadership in America’s city’s continues tonight unabated with rioters in the streets, looters in the stores and accountability nowhere to be found on the left or the right!