What does it take to get fired from a Liberal College, well apparently calling for the hanging of a sitting U.S. President does not qualify?

You may not remember but the LA Times did report back in August that a California State University, Fresno professor Lars Maischak tweeted “Trump must hang”.  At the time the head of the school removed the kind and peaceful Liberal professor from the class and stated he would not be teaching when classes resume.

Well apparently the University President Joseph Castro was not exactly telling all of us the truth.

According to reporting by the Daily Caller the “professor” will be returning to teach at California State University, Fresno but only in an online capacity.

Fresno State’s vice president for university advancement, Paula Castadio, told The Daily Caller:

This spring semester, Dr. Lars Maischak has been assigned to teach three online History 11 and two online History 12 courses.  During this fall semester, Dr. Maischak has been responsible for converting these courses to an online format.

Wow, you can call for the hanging of a sitting U.S. President and still keep you job at a United States University.  Again I ask what has this country and our education establishment come to?

Can you now see where all the hatred, violence and aggression is mainly coming from on the political scale?

If you have not figured it out yet it is the American left and the Democratic Party.

Please God, save us from their ideology!

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