It's a non-binding resolution, but state lawmakers are hoping a resolution enacted on Thursday will prompted the owners of professional sports teams in the state to "do the right thing." is reporting members of the House of Representatives have approved a resolution asking team owners in the state to enact zero-tolerance policies in cases of domestic violence.  The move comes after the fallout from several NFL players--most notably Ray Rice--being accused of the actions.

Lawmakers acknowledge that the resolution carries no legal weight, but they say they're hoping it at least begins the dialogue that such activity will not be tolerated and that profits cannot come before human lives.

"A zero-tolerance policy would send a clear message to professional athletes and team employees that there is an expected standard of conduct that extends beyond the field or court,"  Representative Klint Kesto said in a statement.

The Republican from Commerce also added, "This communicates that the consequences they face go beyond a criminal investigation and could reslt in the loss of their livelihood.  Violent behavior off the field of play should not be tolerated under any circumstances."

The resolution will be delivered in letter form to the team owners.

There's been no official reaction to the request, but Detroit Lion's head coach Jim Caldwell, who has said that the Ravens acted appropriately when releasing Rice when they did, said the Lion's already have a policy that mandates good behavior on and off the field as a reflection of the team, the Ford family, and the NFL.

Kesto said he's hoping all teams follow suit.

"Our kids look up to celebrity athletes.  What kind of message does it send children if we allow their sports idols to commit domestic violence and other crimes without consequences?  Let's have Michigan pro sports teams be leaders and positive role models throughout the country."

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