What is going on!

Why did the officials allow the press to walk through the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorist?

Have you ever heard of that happening before?

Jonathan Gilliam former Navy Seal and now Legal analyst recently stated on CNN and you can hear it on Real Clear Politics: “biggest visible screw up in investigative history" and believes   that any finger prints or DNA evidence that might have been found in the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorist probably has been destroyed by the media.

Also on Real Clear Politics you can hear CNN legal analyst Paul Callan say the following:  “I can tell you, never have I seen something like this. And of course, if it turns out there are other people involved in this crime, this is the absolute destruction of any case that they would have against them, but I am more concerned about leads that might be hidden in that debris, that will now be destroyed as a result of the contamination. It is a really shocking abandonment of responsibility by the law enforcement authorities here.”

Again I ask you why would they allow this to happen, are they that incompetent or are they attempting to hide something by allowing the media in so soon?

You tell me.

Update:  There are a few reports that the landlord may have let them in, did the authorities not tell him to not let anyone in the apartment

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