Well the President of the United States decided he would rather be among the common folk as opposed to the elitist in Washington.  He skipped the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington D.C. to be with the citizens of Michigan in Washington Michigan.

What did he say, well there are some interesting quotes and the following 5 comes from an article in MLive:

I don't blame the heads of these countries for taking advantage of us

Note: I agree with him, it has been our previous Presidents, Senators and Congressmen and women who have allowed our country to be taken advantage of, it is time to stop and it appears President Trump is doing exactly that.

The Soo Locks have gone to hell, and we're going to get them fixed up

Note: As I wrote in a piece last week, how about the Steel Industry paying for the upgrade of the locks and possibly a new one.

A vote for a Democrat in November is a vote for open borders and crime

Note: President Trump did include Michigan’s Senator Stabenow and in fact stated that she is "one of the leaders for weak borders."  I also could not agree with him more on this one, we have an entire political party, the Democratic Party, essentially calling for open borders and amnesty for all.

Our laws are so corrupt and stupid

Note: The President was speaking about our immigration laws and I could not agree with him more.

I'd much rather be in Washington, Michigan than Washington, D.C.

Thanks President Trump for skipping out on those leftist elitist in the Main Stream Manipulative News (MSMN) and joining us here in the great state of Michigan.

Putting aside all of President Trump’s tweets and squabbles he gets into, because none of that really matters, do you think President Trump is doing a good job?  Again look at the results of what is happening in the United States and around the world, not what the MSMN is telling you.

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