The “news” media has now lowered itself to a new level.  The other day on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show called “Anderson Cooper 360" he showed the world how unprofessional he as well as this broadcast company is.

Anderson Cooper apparently was not happy with one of his guest's, Jeffrey Lord’s, defense of President Trump.  So he made the following statement (video provided by Real Clear Politics):

Do you believe that is professional or just more “Trump derangement syndrome”?

Anderson Cooper is not a weekend show host or a lower level reporter, he host a show which is a headliner for CNN and comes on in their primetime slot of 8:00 PM EST.

This shows the world that the professionalism of our reporters/journalist profession has lowered itself to a level of a 3rd rate country.  In fact that might even be considered an insult to those 3rd rate countries reporter/journalist.

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