President Obama is on his way back home, leaving Capital Region International Airport a short time ago.  The President wowing the crowd at Michigan State University today with humor and an historic bill-signing.

(February 7, 2014)

The President, who came to the college campus to sign the multi-billion dollar Farm Bill, did so this afternoon after a tour of the campus and some of its main attractions in the area of Agriculture. Obama said the McPhail Equine Performance Center, which is part of the Veterinary School of Medicine at the university, was the perfect venue for signing of the massive legislation

The President also applauded both Republicans and Democrats for coming together to find a compromise on the Farm Bill.  It contains some cuts in the food stamp program as a cost-cutting measure, but only a fraction of what the GOP wanted.  The President told the invitation-only crowd that the Farm Bill will provide assistance to those truly in need but the help doesn't stop there.

And per his usual charm, Obama didn't disappoint in showing his appreciation for the invitation to speak at MSU, using some humor to make his point.

Obama closed by saying there is much more work to achieve in Washington saying he would like to work with Congress on getting it down.  But he reiterated his statement that he is willing to go it alone if need be.