Hundreds of supporters turned out Wednesday to see the latest "rock star" of the Democratic party to visit Michigan.  And former President Bill Clinton apparently didn't disappoint. is reporting today that Clinton took aim at the Koch brothers and others who--he claimed--were trying to influence policy from outside of Michigan.

"When someone who is trying to sell you something has a strategy designed to stop you from thinking, they don't have your best interest at heart," Clinton told cheering supporters Wednesday in a visit to the Riverfront Banquet Center in Flint.

The former president was in Michigan as the latest big name to come to the state to stump for gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and U. S. Senate candidate Gary Peters.  Both men are locked in highly-competitive races--especially Schauer.  Other Democrats further down the ballot also joined Clinton on stage.

They're hoping that those who have become disconnected in this mid-term election cycle, will become once again engaged due to Clinton's speech.  High voter turnout is believed to be key to both sides in November.

Even President Obama is scheduled to visit Michigan in a get-out-the-vote effort.  No details, though, are as yet available on that appearance.

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