According to WILX, it's official, Potter Park Zoo's baby rhino has its new name.

Amy Morris Hall, executive director of the Potter Park Zoological Society, said the zoo received hundreds of name suggestions and narrowed it down to six. The public voted which of those six was the best.

Potter Park's Zoo's baby rhino has been named Jaali, pronounced like jolly. Jaali means powerful in Swahili.

I think this was a great idea by asking everyone their opinion on what name to give the baby rhino at Potter Park Zoo.

I've been going to the Potter Park Zoo ever since I was a kid. Potter Park looks so nice these days and they do a wonderful job taking care of all of the animals including the rhino exhibit.

And now that there's a baby black rhino at the Potter Park Zoo, everybody is going to check out this little fella.

Doppsee, the zoo's 12 year old black rhino, delivered Jaali on Christmas Eve morning.

The birth made national news because black rhinos are critically endangered. About 5,000 black rhinos live in the wild and 54 live in zoos in the U.S.

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