This is an awesome time of year to go to the Zoo in Michigan, not only to see all of our animal friends but to get out and enjoy all the fall colors and everything autumn has to offer.

So get the family together before winter sets in and make some memories at a new adventure at Potter Park Zoo. This is also a time to go and say goodbye to a very special resident.

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You may remember Potter Park Zoo was so excited at the birth of its first-ever black rhino calf Jaali. It was on Christmas Dec. 25th, 2019. This was huge for Potter Park Zoo as Jaali is one of only a few black rhinos born according to

Jaail Will Have a New Mate Soon

So apparently earlier this year they found out there was a mating match for Jaali. It was found by the AZA’s Species Survival Plan. A young female, from Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, is anxiously awaiting Jaali at their new home, The Living Desert Zoo, It will happen this fall.  Yep, Love will be in the air for these 2 soon.

Jaali’s captured all of our hearts over the past two years,” said Animal Care Supervisor Pat Fountain. “Not only are we excited for his future, but also for the continued black rhino breeding program at Potter Park Zoo.


Here How You Can Say Goodbye

Here is your chance to say goodbye, Potter Park Zoo is hosting a big send-off to Jaali  on, Oct. 2nd and 3rd. Everyone will have a chance to visit and say goodbye.

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