How would you like to live in an old post office? Well, if you have a few million dollars, you can make that dream come true.

Currently listed for $3,000,000, this old post office in Alpena is now available for residential use. Meaning, the entire two-story structure could be your new (and very unique) home.

Built in the early 1910s (between 1910 and 1912), the property features 9 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an unfinished basement, waterfront property, marble flooring, dome ceilings, and a front door still marked "U.S. Post Office".

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Overall, this place is gorgeous. Yes, it'll need a few upgrades since some of the carpeting looks like it's still left over from the early 1900s. Otherwise, this is a fairly rare opportunity to not only own a piece of Alpena's history but to claim residence in a former Federal building. Other than some wood paneling on the walls and the previously mentioned old carpet, the interior design still holds up. Take a look:

1910 Alpena Post Office Can Be Your Home for a Quick $3 Million

A very unique and interesting property in Alpena could be your new home. You know...if you have a few million dollars lying around.

The property, at 145 Water Street in Alpena, has been sitting on Zillow for about 40 days as I type this. If you're interested, you can contact the listing agent, Steve W Katsaros at KW Metro, at 248-288-3500.

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