I read with some amusement but more of sadness when I see people ‘debating’ each other on social media and elsewhere decrying the problems with Flint’s water supply while using terms like Republicon and Demoncrat. At the same time these people decry the problems with politics as usual. Is it really that hard to figure out that this kind of ignorant behavior at the ‘grass roots’ seems to infect the whole plant?

How can we demand better of out politicians when the discourse at our level is crude and insulting?

It is time to raise the bar a little bit if you don’t mind.

I think what happened in Flint was a series of avoidable errors and missed opportunities. It is an example of what excess government becomes when it grows too big; lethargic and vastly ineffective when it matters most.

What I see now is worse. I see a circus of finger pointing, grandstanding and non-sense that will not fix a single drop of water or help one child recover from the effects of lead poisoning. It seems the well of public conversation has been poisoned a lot longer than the Flint water supply.