Pfizer has begun the push to get US federal regulators to begin the process of taking its COVID-19 vaccine off the experimental list and give it full regulatory approval. It would be a big jump and an early one for the vaccine. But Pfizer says the level of administration of the vaccine so far shows it is working and it is safe. The vaccine which was jointly developed with European partner firm BioNTech continues to be produced and shipped from the Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in Portage.

At least one publication is touting the potential of full approval as a potential key to clearing the way for mandated COVID-19 vaccination. reports making vaccination mandatory is something many medical professionals and politicians would like to see. But it is fair to say nearly as many would oppose such a mandate. Many already are. And potential battle lines are being drawn.

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So far, the potential for mandating vaccines is coming from the local level with some colleges and universities requiring vaccination verification before allowing students to live on campus. And some big sporting venues are moving in that direction.

The outlet reports Johns Hopkins  Center for Health Security senior scholar and physician Dr. Amesh Adalja could see the vaccination slowdown coming. “We’re hitting a wall,” says Dr. Adalja. For the most part, people who are willing to get vaccinated already have done so. As time goes on, the Dr says, “it’s diminishing returns”.

Some believe if the Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine is given full US regulatory approval, more local schools and businesses will feel more confident trying to force vaccination upon their client base.

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