This is one Michigan cemetery that can be given just about ANY adjective: creepy, beautiful, historic, dark, medieval, gloomy, uplifting, jaw-dropping, meditative, serene, woodsy, eerie.....there are just too many words that describe this place.

Something out of Middle Earth...Lord of the Rings, maybe? Okay, maybe not, and there are definitely more extreme graveyards throughout the world, but this one, so close to home, is too good to pass up. I was impressed when I set eyes on this place. it haunted? Well, for Pete's sake...what cemetery ISN'T?

The cemetery's beginnings go back to 1860 when Willie, the son of Jacob Brillhart, passed away. A patch of land was selected to bury not just his son, but others as well.  Willie was the first to be buried in the cemetery, which was originally where the 1st Baptist Church currently sits. In 1870, a new, larger cemetery was founded and the bodies were moved by 1879...well, most of 'em anyway. By the end of the year, the last 70 bodies were moved. It also has a separate section, where people who died from the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 are buried.

Investigators have explored here a few times.....but that's not what interests me about this's the place itself. You should take a trip to Pentwater and walk around here. I'd be interested to see your opinions of it.



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