When the going gets tough well some decide it just isn’t worth it and then just pack it in.

He has failed the American people and he has failed to effectively in my opinion lead so now Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is going to run all the way to K Street in search of a massive payday as a lobbyist or consultant. You can take that to the bank!

Paul Ryan says he wants to spend more time with his family and it’s time for him to head home to Wisconsin. I find that awfully tough to believe. I could be wrong but lets be straight; these politicians have turned me into a cynic on many days because of their disingenuous behavior. No, let me correct that, their own right lies to the American people. Sadly it seems Paul Ryan is no different. This is a guy who refused to appear with President Trump a month before the election in 2016 because of the Access Hollywood tape. He is a guy who cobbled together a wretched spending bill worth $1.3 or is it $1.4 Trillion dollars? A bill that gives the Democrats everything they want.

For those on the Trump Train however this is welcome news. Paul Ryan is despised far and wide in Conservative and Republican circles alike. Even though he was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, his image of being a budget hawk has all but vanished into the darkness of the DC Swamp. Those on the right will hope that the next leader will be someone who embraces the job of not only of leading the party but also of targeting the plethora of terrible ideas coming from the Marxist wing of the Democratic Party. The next Republican leader needs to set their sights on protecting the First and Second Amendments and now based on the very reckless behavior of Robert Mueller they need to dig in to protect the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Bill of Rights too!

Kevin McCarthy is likely to become the leader of the Republicans, either as

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