We love our freedoms in America, and when they are challenged, we react. At 12:01 am March 24th 2020 Michigan was placed on a Shelter-In-Place order by the Governor. Only essential workers are allowed to go to work and many Michigan businesses have shut their doors, or are doing take out or delivery to try and keep their business alive. It’s a tough time for businesses, and it’s a tough time for us.

At least the toilet paper and paper towel shortages have somewhat slowed down. What are people actually doing with all that TP? I can’t answer that question but I can tell you what a lot of people in Michigan are doing to kill the boredom of staying home. They are either drinking or smoking pot. Pot is legal in Michigan now you know. And many new dispensaries are about to open soon.

According to MLive,

Despite bar closures and the elimination of 2020 March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day events due to the coronavirus pandemic, Michigan turned in above average liquor sales for the month of March.

Michigan saw a 14.7 million dollar increase in alcohol sales over 2019 for the month of March. And if we’re not drinking, we’re getting stoned. According to Crains Detroit Business,

The state has seen more than $7 million in recreational marijuana sales since the week beginning April 13, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency said Tuesday.

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