If you missed it during the mid-term elections a Democratic harbinger was loud and clear- unless you are tone deaf like President Barack Obama.

The liberal enlightened masses of Oregon rejected by more than 2-1 a measure recently signed by the extreme left wing Governor of that state allowing illegal aliens to get and use state issued drivers licenses. In fact supporters of illegals having legal driving status outspent their grassroots opponents more than ten to one before getting crushed at the polls. This is magnified in importance when you consider Oregon voters re-elected an extremely liberal governor, expanded the number of Democrats in the state legislature and turned a deeper shade of blue. Despite all of that the voters rejected illegals soundly.

Hispanic leaders had been counting on Oregon voters to embrace driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, arguing it would be a signal that states were stepping in to act on immigration reform where the federal government wouldn’t.

In congressional races around the nation, Republicans who promised a crackdown on illegal immigration were unseating Democrats who voted for legalization in North Carolina, Arkansas and Colorado, with a December Senate run-off in Louisiana offering yet another test.

Republicans may have found the kind of issue that can power them past the notion that Democrats will always win the Presidency… ummm just because they do. It seems it’s possible that issues still matter.

Democrats would be well advised to thumb through the Oregon results before declaring what Americans should think.