I often say on my show I would find it difficult if I was a Democrat to vote for anyone in the Democratic Party as it is exist and is lead today.

Many people, I am sure, believe I say this because I am a conservative.  I can honestly tell you that I do not say that because I am a conservative.  I also say on my show that I understand that there will and should always be an opposing party.  When there are opposing political parties, if done honestly and correctly, you more than likely would create better laws and policies.

The following is an example of why I do say that if I was a Democrat I would find it difficult to vote for anyone in the Democratic Party as it is exist and is lead today.

"We oppose:

  • detaining undocumented minors
  • immigrant detention/deportation quotas
  • locally enforcing federal immigration laws
  • mass raids/related enforcement practices
  • religious exclusion
  • 'papers please,'
  • unnecessary travel-bans
  • abrogating birthright-citizenship
  • separating minor children from their parents when they are trying to enter the country
  • internment and concentration camps."

The platform was adopted at a state convention in June.

What are we then supposed to do with “undocumented minors”?

If we are not going to detain and arrest people who break our laws why have laws at all.  Also if we do not have quotas then what is the acceptable number of legal immigrants we should allow to come to the U.S. and see them successfully assimilate into our culture.

The worst of all is not “locally enforcing federal immigration laws”.  Not enforcing laws is akin to anarchy is it not?  As I always say; can I or a group of us just decide that we no longer want our Federal, State or local governments to enforce a law i.e. speeding, drunk driving under a .2 blood alcohol limit, illegal drugs, paying federal taxes.  What if the Republican Party were to say that we are no longer going to enforce any federal gun laws?

If the Republican Party were to be opposed to enforcing any federal law, as opposed to working to change it, I would find it very difficult to vote for someone running in the Republican Party, would you?

Then the Democratic Party tells us if states or cities refuse to enforce federal laws they should still be entitled to all the Federal tax dollars they can extract from us.  They believe that some of our federal tax dollars should be given to states with no strings attached, of course only those federal tax dollars that are attached to policies they want to follow or ignore.

Ok then the Federal government should not be allowed to attach any strings to the Federal tax dollars given to states, such as highway and educational funds.

I am just asking the Democratic Party to be intellectually honest, is that too much to ask for?

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