I’m sure the many Michigan residents in the Ann Arbor area never thought that the annual April fool’s Day Hash Bash would be legal. Over the years many of our residents pushed for legalization, and many pushed against it. It was in 2008 that Michigan residents got medical marijuana on the ballot, and it passed. Then the craziness started. By 2010 we had pot dispensaries for holders of a state issued medical marijuana card.

However there were those still trying to stop it, including Attorney General Bill Shuette. In 2011 Dispensaries were shut down because it was a public nuisance and in violation of the public health code, and the sale of medical marijuana was not protected under the law. In February 2013 The Supreme Court of Michigan ruled that the 2008 ruling did not allow for medical marijuana operations in the state, even though about 75 to 100 dispensaries were operating. In 2016 Governor Rick Snyder signed a package of bills that among other reforms allowed the operation and regulation of medical marijuana facilities.

Now in 2020 medical and recreational marijuana is legal for those 21 or over, and there are many licensed dispensaries all across Michigan, with more coming. Now the state wants to help people who don’t have deep pockets to get into the business. If you have a marijuana possession conviction on your record, it could help you get a license to sell pot. Now according to MLive

Anyone with a marijuana-related misdemeanor conviction receives a 25% discount on their application fee, as well as anyone who’s lived in a designated social equity community for five of the last 10 years. Another 10% exemption applies to applicants who’ve registered as a medical marijuana caregiver for at least two years between 2008 and 2017.

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