This hasn't been finalized, but things are already happening in Downtown Lansing near the Capitol Building. You may have noticed if you drive around Lansing near the Capitol or work near there as there are new street signals ready to be lit up. The new stoplights are already hanging at Allegan and Capitol, but until the city is ready they won't be used yet.

Even though this plan of getting rid of some of the one-way streets has been in the works since last year, some people aren't happy about the change. Now I'm not a fan of one-way streets unless the street is very slim, but most roads downtown aren't slim and have two lanes or more, so I'm not sure why we have them one-way. In addition, the one-ways are annoying cause if you don't know where you are going or looking for parking downtown then you will most likely get lost or spend too much time driving around looking for the place you were originally looking for. Drivers might not like one-ways but pedestrians love it as it is easier to navigate and get around downtown. My solution would be to only change the streets that have three lanes or more to two ways and any street slimmer than that should be left alone.

There are more streets on the list to be changed from one-ways to two so expect more changes downtown to happen. According to WILX, some people who work or live near these streets have pros and cons concerning this change.

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