Michigan State fans love the Spartans' logo.

MSU uses it everywhere. You even see it emblazoned on the stadium and associated signage. The current logo used on Spartans' football helmets has been in use since 1977, making it one of the longest-lasting in collegiate sports (not to mention the professional leagues).

In 2010, fans even fought back against a proposed rebranding update to the logo that had leaked out. After a massive public outcry, the university relented and changed its plans.

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According to moneyinc.com, there's plenty of symbolism behind Michigan State's venerable logo and colors. The Spartan, of course, "represents the warrior and the teamwork that was utilized heavily by Spartan soldiers". The use of dark green is a nod to the university's history and heritage as an agricultural school.

But did you ever notice how this iteration of the Michigan State Spartans logo is almost a shoutout to the state of Michigan too?

If the Spartan was facing the other way, it wouldn't work.

You might have to squint to see it.

You might have to allow your mind a little artistic and creative liberty.

Think of the helmet itself as the Lower Peninsula. It's roughly the shape of a mitten.

That's easier to see than the helmet crest as the Upper Peninsula, but play along and see below.

via Canva and McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
via Canva and McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

Did we have to alter to the size and position of the peninsulas to fit? Yes.

Is that a crime? No.

Two distinct parts--the Spartan helmet and its crest, yet still connected, just like the Mackinac Bridge does the two peninsulas of Michigan.

A big stretch of the imagination? Probably. Imagination is a good thing.

Michigan State's logo is more perfect than we ever realized.

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