Did you know that there was once a dam in the city of Williamston?

If you did, kudos to you. I will admit, the only reason I am even aware of this dam, was an accidental stumble upon, while taking a look around on the internet.

The City of Williamston Was Once Home To A Dam

This is a rather cool piece of history, and chances are, you've been driving over the site of the old dam this entire time, and not even have been aware of it.

The dam was originally constructed back in the late 1830s by three brothers out of New York.

The area where the dam was originally laid, was the area where the Putnam Street Bridge is today.

Take a look below at the area and some original pictures and postcards of the dam that used to lie in the small town of Williamston.

Did You Know This Mid-Michigan Town Once Had A Dam?

After growing up in the small town of Stockbridge, I can say this was a little piece of history I wasn't aware, that our neighboring town to the north once had. Take a look back at the Dam that once was in the city of Williamston.

Of course today, the dam is no longer around. In fact, the area that the dam used to inhabit, is now a kayaking destination spot, where you can travel up the Red Cedar River, and into the city of Lansing.

It's a rather cool reuse of the spot, however, could you imagine the tourist attraction possibilities if the dam was still around today?

Man made inventions that involve water tend to draw crowds a plenty. I could only imagine the traffic it could have drawn to this small Michigan community if it still existed today.

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