Old Town Lansing has some of the coolest events in the area, unfortunately very few happened in 2020 after the pandemic hit. This year would have been Scrapfest 12, but they plan to continue the scrappy tradition in 2021. This event started out as a scrap metal artwork competition, and over the years has grown into a full-blown art festival focusing on up-cycled and repurposed art work. It has grown to include not only art, but also eco-art, family activities, food and live music! It has turned into a cool festival.

Now Scrapfest is a real competition. Teams get an hour to choose up to 500 lbs. (250 lbs. for small pieces) of metal courtesy of Friedland Industries processing plant in Old Town. They have a month to create their sculpture, and they will go on display and sale before, during and after the festival. The proceeds for this event are paid to the artists (60%), Scrapfest keeps 30% to cover their expenses, and 10% goes to a charity.

It is a family friendly laid-back crowd of folks just enjoying the day in Old Town taking in some art and sculptures, finding some great munchies and enjoying live music. This is what Old Town Lansing is famous for. I am looking forward to Scrapfest 12 in 2021. But until were there, here are a lot of photos from the past three years of Scrapfest. Enjoy your visit!

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