WOW...we know that as Michiganders, we love our soda pops.

We have our favorites: fruity pops, colas, root beers, and other weird ones that we have no clue what they're made from. Knowing how rabid Michigan is about their favorite pops, it's no wonder our state had numerous...I mean NUMEROUS bottling works all over the state...from the tip of the upper peninsula to the bottom of the mitten.

That's understandable, as we guzzle pop as if there's a bottomless supply. It seems that way sometimes. We used to drink pop in glass bottles – which made the pop taste better, by the way – and then it slowly switched to plastic. I recall taking my first drink of pop out of plastic...I could TASTE the plastic. Nowadays we're so used to it, we can't tell. Find a pop that's in a glass bottle, and you'll taste the difference...SO much better than plastic.

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Some root beer even came in a little tin bottle that looked like a small milk can...that was good, too. I think it was Dad's Root Beer.

Fast-forward into the 2000s, and now we can make our own carbonated drinks. Little soda-making kits are available in the larger stores, with all kinds of flavors, and you can even make your own 'brand-name' pop, like Coke, Squirt, 7-Up, etc.

But still, nothing can beat the old soda pops that were purchased in glass bottles. The first and oldest Bottling Works in Michigan is said to be the Pomeroy Company, which you can read about HERE.

The gallery below shows bottles and a few other items from various Michigan locations that bottled pop for the rest of our state...and these are just a few of the many we had!

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