Look, I love old houses as much as the next person but, this one might need some work.

Listed at $830,000, this mansion at 1501 E McMillan Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a total of seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. What caught my attention, though, are the masterfully painted ceilings.

According to the Zillow listing, which you can see here, the ceilings were painted by, "W. Thien, an acclaimed 19C artist."

The other thing that caught my attention was the sheer number of rugs throughout the house. That and the often questionable interior design choices (yes, I'm writing that as someone who cannot actually afford to buy an $800k+ home).

Take a look below and don't mind my running tally of how many rugs I can spot:

Ohio Mansion Built in 1885 Has Some...Unique Interior Designs

From bright rooms to a bathtub wrapped in a tarp, check out the unique designs in this $830k Oho home
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I counted a total of 50 rugs. Overall, the home has a lot of potential which also means it will potentially cost you a lot more than $830,000. If you're interested in the home, you can contact Julia Klaene, at Cincy Flat Fee, LLC, at 513-288-8810.

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