When all else fails, we can talk about everyone's favorite subject:  The weather. Here in Michigan, we love to talk about it - and complain about it - almost as much as we do the damn roads.

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Just for fun, we found the five best weather memes that are floating around on the Internet right now and packaged them in one handy-dandy, convenient place.

Temperatures Up, Temperatures Down

Oh, Michigan, your unpredictability is so predictable. Where else can you be forced to run both the heat and then the air conditioning in the course of a week?

In the spring and fall, we're susceptible to fluctuating temperatures that can send us into the 70s one day and down into the 30 the next night. Anyone else's sinuses going crazy right now?

Unusual Origination

Memes usually just seem to appear out of thin air. They're usually shared randomly without much credit given to the originator.

But we were able to trace a couple of the pics below to a clothing store in Northern Michigan. Livinfresh is primarily an online retailer that specializes in unique Michigan clothing, often expressing love for the Great Lakes State. They also sell their gear in a couple of retail stores in Gaylord and Traverse City.

And we all know how important it is to wear layers that can be put on or taken off at a moment's notice.

Let us know if there's a good one we missed.

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