Officials in Washtenaw County's Ypsilanti think they've finally solved a bizarre and disturbing crime--identifying the person known as the "mystery pooper" who has been defecating on playground equipment for months now.

Ypsilanti Police think they may have solved the case of the "Mystery Pooper" is reporting that Ypsilanti police have confirmed that the department has zeroed-in on an individual who could be the cuprit and have had conversations with him about their investigation.

Police Chief Tony DeGiusti says there have been no further incidents since that contact but declined to give any other details on who the suspect is or what could have prompted such anti-social behavior.

But Councilman Pete Murdock says the man is a resident of a nearby halfway house.

Records show that someone regularly defecated on the same slide in Prospect Park between November, 2013 and April of this year.

The problem generated such disgust that police installed surveillance cameras with the sole purpose of finding the "mystery pooper."

While some are expressing hope that an arrest will put the issue to rest once and for all, others, like Murdock still have questions.  He's wondering why someone would take the extra steps to commit such an act repeatedly during such a bitterly cold winter season.

Concerns as well from Ypsilanti officials of copy cat crimes.  The mystery pooper gained his 15 minutes of fame after an article in the Ann Arbor News highlight the situation which went viral. Within hours a Twitter account was established and a billboard was put up calling on residents to "Do your civic doody" and "Help us catch the poopetrator."

A local band even wrote a song about the mystery pooper.

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