Barack Obama spoke for 13 minutes Sunday night in primetime what was supposed to be a big speech on his strategy to take on the Islamic State and defeat Terrorism.

In the end is sounded uninspired, covered things he’s been doing that are not working and his commitment to stay the course.

Ii was really a speech to nowhere. The President did not lay out new policy positions to take on Islamic Terrorists and seems to moving closer to becoming a pariah in the history books. Not protecting the American people from terrorists threats while telling the world Global Warming and Climate Change are the biggest threats we face.

Obama also took time to cover his real goal as a result of terrorism, expanding gun laws and taking guns from law abiding American citizens.

Meanwhile GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is enjoying yet another jump in his support in national polls and is poised to hit 40% support on his way to upsetting the Republican establishment and earning the nomination.

In response the Presidents address Trumps said is time to end all Muslim immigration into the US. He said it is too dangerous to import that kind of hate into America. Several GOP rivals called his comments those of a demagogue but despite those attacks, Trump continues to soar.