If you haven’t heard of it yet you will. Enterovirus 68 is a rare respiratory virus that has suddenly caught like a prairie fire and is racing across the US affecting at least ten states so far. More than 1000 children have been sickened so far but the CDC is warning to expect the illness to affect many times that number.

Enterovirus appears like a bad cold or flu to begin with but can be especially dangerous to kids with asthma or other respiratory problems. At least one case was reported by a listener this morning on The Steve Gruber Show.

The question is where did it come from? The obvious question you simply must ask is did it come from the invasion of young people from south of the border? Did illegal aliens, especially the children bring this disease to America? These kids are being shipped all over America… more than 55,000 have been admitted to by President Obama so far.

If it is shown that his policies of not enforcing the border and allowing a flood of illegals into the country led to a public health crisis I suggest that would be reason to remove him from office.