President Barack Obama today pacified the theologists of the environmental movement and vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline. Leftists rejoiced at the move and hailed it as a victory for the environment. Per usual they were wrong all across the board.

Of course this President took office by promising to stop the rising oceans and in effect save the world. Uh huh. Yeah, if you bought into that then you probably are also buying the idea that pipelines are an environmental hazard.

The President who said he would save the world from the oceans rising and said global warming is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists has actually created a much bigger environmental threat.

Did you hear about the 47 people killed when an oil train derailed in Canada in 2013? Did you hear about the massive explosion a couple of weeks ago when an oil train derailed in West Virginia?

Well since Barack Obama took office moving by rail has skyrocketed. In fact, millions of barrels are shipped by trains every day in America. If you put all the oil moving by rail on a single train it would be nearly 20 miles long.

I will tell you now that pipelines are safer and more environmentally responsible but our short-sighted President just couldn’t see the truth. After all he is focused on keeping the oceans from rising.

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