James Foley had his head sawed off by a radical Islamic terrorist. The video was played on YouTube for about a half hour before it was taken down.

Foley blamed America, his homeland for his imminent death. Then the hooded British accented piece of garbage used a small knife to cut off his head.

Today the Pentagon announced that a rescue attempt was launched earlier this year with massive firepower but failed to find the American hostages in Syria.

Why are we being told this? Is this a feeble attempt to prop up the obviously failed foreign policy of Barack Obama? Yes. Period.

There is no excuse, none at all for releasing this information. This President is a disaster from start to finish. Fortunately right after denouncing the beheading of an American journalist Obama hurried right back to the golf course to work on his equally pathetic gold game. Trust me I think it may be better that he is there and not screwing up anything else of importance and national security.