Getty Images Photographer Jewel Samad

I was told dozens of times by President Barack Obama that I could keep my health plan and keep my doctor under his signature health care law. I learned today that for me that is actually true. (only because the President caved after being caught in his massive lie) I guess I should count myself lucky I mean after all millions of Americans lost their plans despite the numerous promises by Obama. However my premiums are skyrocketing and my deductibles are as well.The bottom line is this: I am going from about $440.00 per month to $660.00 per month and my family deductible is doubling from $5000.00 annually to $10,000 each year. That means my exposure has increased more than $7,600.00 annually. ($2,640.00 in higher premiums plus an additional $5,000.00 in deductibles) Meaning in order to cover the difference I’ll need to earn about $12,000.00 more each year. Which of course wouldn’t be an insurmountable problem except family income has fallen every year Obama has occupied the White House and the economy remains in a shambles!

And I’m sure you remember Barack Obama also told us all we’d save $2,500.00 each year. I’m not a math major but lets see now carry the one... I am as far as I can tell about 15 grand in the hole because of the bald faced lies of Barack Obama and every member of my states democratic congressional delegation. If you think me and my neighbors won’t remember this blatant pack of lies and the premeditated attack on our families come November they must be smoking that marijuana the President seems to be so fond of.

Wake up my friends... enough is enough. It is time to take our country back from these lying progressive thieves!!!